Wednesday , October 27 2021

LeBron reacts to the re-signing of Markief Morris in the Lakers


Markif Morris decides he will not join his brother in the Clippers and eventually re-enter with the Lakers. LeBron James is delighted with this signature, and the King announced it on social media.

The reception is always so warm for the Lakers. After the subsequent departures of many free agents such as Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard or Avery Bradley, the others decided to stay with the defending champion. how to start Pope Centaeus Caldwell.

Lately, this has been the case with Markief Morris. If rumors were circulating that he could reverse Montrezl Harel by joining his brother in the Enemy Clippers, that is not the case: Markief left for an extra year together LeBron James and his gang.

The king is also the first to rejoice. Although he was already part of the Lakers package, Markief Morris did not escape the “welcome” message from the King of Instagram, still encouraged by the signatures of teammates, new or old.

Yes sir !!!! My dog! The boy is gone again !! ??✊??

LeBron knows how to calm these new and old teammates. Dennis Schroeder was the first to get the King to react, excited after signing with the Lakers, but he is far from the only one. The more players arrive, the more LBJ excitement increases. He could not contain his joy after the signing of Montrezl Harel, which he was looking forward to.

The 2020 champion with his Lakers, LeBron does not intend to stop here. He now aims at the back and personally making sure that the newcomers are in the same frame of mind as him. Now there is only one rush: to find the floors and release the raging asters.

The package is growing and the leader is delighted. All that is missing is the re-signing of Anthony Davis and excitement for LeBron James will be at its peak.

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