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League 1 – 34th day – League 1: Lyon has Bordeaux in the grabbing and leads his lead at Saint-Etienne

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League 1 – 34 den

Once again, OL had all the problems in the world to manage their poor times in Bordeaux and owe their victory to the end of Dembele's goal (2-3). With this victory, which is precious and qu'e-inspérée, Lyon retains six points before the Light and puts pressure on Lille.

The lesson: Lyon is still scared, but provides the most important things

Open the dictionary and look for the definition of "schizophrenia". The legend says you will find a picture of the team of Lyon 2018-19. In Bordeaux this Friday, OL did not quit the rule. This is still not too much, because Lyon is still out. But Gons were hot, those who were just three paces ahead of rival Etienne before this game. He can only be surprised to see so much of the Genesis flock so much. Because Bordeaux was within Lyon's reach and the two main phases of domination of visitors – in the first thirty minutes and for the 55th time – tested. Often, these periods yielded many opportunities: Head Far (3 rd) and then point-blank (30 th) defended the Kostel frame, while Depp found the ribbon ball on the ball (5 th) before the recovery on the head above (13). They also allowed Lyon to take the lead, Depay playing the defense of Gironde at the strong center of Cornet (0-1, 14) and then taking the score in the second period, and Ivorian took the service from Nabil Fekir (2: 2 , 67).

Two goals in the space of four minutes, and again here, OL does not manage to keep their cages untouched.

What's wrong with OL? All the rest. All these poor times that Gunea could not manage, suffer against a Bordeaux team player. And Pablo Sauce's players were clinical clinics, scoring only two goals to goal: Brian first used Denny's mismatches to regain his right and deceive López (1-1, 34), then made a top one-two with De Prévil , who took Marcelo to double the number of players (2-1, 38). Two goals in the space of four minutes, and again here, OL does not manage to keep their cages untouched. But the new impetus of fate put Lyon on the right track: the exclusion of Jovanovic to challenge the judge at the height of the Gons domination. OL pushed and eventually fired the premises, Dembel undertook a new service from Fekir (2-3, 85). The essence is provided! In content, that's something else. But, we feel like writing this week for Lyon …

Winner: Royal Nabil Fakir

What a match! His performance has been sharply criticized in recent weeks. The captain of OL responded in the most beautiful way. He has two assists for Cornet and Dembele for equalizing and restoring the table. In addition, he created four chances, made three strokes and, above all, managed ten ridiculous (!). The game is more than finished, and Lyon obviously will need Fakir at this level in the final sprint.

Loser: An open day for defense

The viewer got value for money! Four of the five goals in the evening come from defensive errors: Jovanovic and Pablo are too lazy at the opening of the Lyon rating, Dneider and Marcelo are too lazy for the two goals of Girondins and Kunde, guilty of a bold revival, maybe a bit too much player to equalize Gons in the second period. Beyond the five goals, there are more opportunities. Nothing is surprising: OL can not cure its defensive ills, while Bordeaux, after the turmoil of the season, will surely have to wait until the next exercise is fully exhausted. – A.D.

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