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Laffitte – Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte: The Promise of the Devil in the Piste

Maisons-Laffitte – Maisons-Laffitte Criterion: As fast as the weekend arrives in ParisLongchamp, there are several groups of people attending this semester finale and avoiding preparations for 48 Heures de l'Obstacle Maisons-Laffitte is located on 2 of the highways on the 1200 meters of the Maisons-Laffitte Criterion.

Maisons-Laffitte – Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte: Nouveau test for Devil

Two sessions of Criterion International are available for the premiere of ParisLongchamp, devoted exclusively to DEVIL (photo Scoopdyga), which is the first English language group in group 1 of 26 October and has passed a series of tests. face notamment aux visiteurs. Almost immediately after these debuts at the Tancarville Prix on the Normandy coast, DEVIL was transferred to this Morny prix by removing the pendulums on the Maisons-Laffitte droite line at the Eclipse prix. Upon arriving on tentative routes in group 1, DEVIL has 7 avenues on which route within a minute of the British SIR BORIS route to Ireland has been ordered to decorate Listed and all of this moving into hexagon for group 2. Two other British ranks with SHADN, one chicken in group 2 and one in Pierre-Charles Boudot form, and SPARTAN FIGHTER resting on one group 2 mois d'aout à York. An Irishman is regularly attending Joseph Patrick O'Brien's pensioner LADY PENELOPE to apply for a Christophe Soumillon appeal.

Maisons-Laffitte – Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte: Alocasia et Jessely se retrouvent

Two sets of franchises to accompany the most probable favor of the Maisons-Laffitte Devil Criterion on retrospect of two illustrators on this hippodrome on the list of the listed Saracas on 25 September were not available with the PLASIAN alert Six Perfections prize money is available in Deauville, and by Dauphine JESSELY, associate for the premiere of Cristian Demuro released this 2017 in FIGHTING IRISH. Another bird to compete for group 2 plateau with Christophe Ferdinand retiree LADY GALORE who has recently been recalled to Vichy is a chance at a group 3 combo at the Arrenberg de AL RAYA and later on. de la cinquième place.

Maisons-Laffitte – Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte: Les partants

1.Spartan Fighter – Daniel Tudhope

2.Sir Boris – Richard Kingscote

3.Devil – Aurélien Lemaitre

4.Alocasia – Alexis Badel

5.Shadn – Pierre-Charles Boudot

6.Lady Penelope – Christophe Soumillon

7.Jessely – Cristian Demuro

8.Lady Galore – Julien Augé

Maisons-Laffitte – Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte: Les 5 dierniers lauréats

2018: Hello Youmzain – K. Stott

2017: Irish Fighting – C. Demuro

2016: Sans Equivoque – T. Jarnet

2015: Donjuan Triumphant – A. Badel

2014: Mattmu – DJ. Allan

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