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La Bourse de Paris en légère baisse

The Bourse de Paris baissait legal district measures 22% (-0.18%), the investors opted for prudence at the expense of the central bank of the Americas after the publication of the Comprehensive Review .

>> La Bourse de Paris has 0.14% of all property prices in Italy
>> La Bourse de Paris annually reports American taxes (+ 0.99%)

L'indice CAC 40 is rated 9.75 points by 5.425.73 points.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Vers 09h30, the CAC 40 per 9.9 points to 5.425.73 points. The average yield is 1.70%.

À The risks of economic recession are similar to accruals, which investors are hesitant to measure in the Federal Reserve (Fed) in order to compete with such direct investors.

Accordingly, the publication merits a comprehensive review of monetary policy reunion, no "after a verifiable clearance for economic interrogations of the moment", selon les experts de Mirabaud Securities Genève.

The central American banquet of surtout is estimated by the devout garder "ses options ouvertes" on the evolution of interference waves.

Investors have been decorticating another important currency in mid-April, the day after the monetary policy reunification of the European Central Bank (BCE).

In France, the expansion of the private sector is not limited to more than two dozen service dynamics, providing the IHS Markit cabinet with a score of 52.7 points, plus additional efficiency. de juillet à 51.9 points.

The actions of societies sensitive to the conjuncture are essentially malicious. Minimum recyclable values, including ArcelorMittal's star (-0.30% to € 12.10) and Eramet's (-0.68% to € 40.89).

The values ​​of the luxury are evolved in the rouge. Kering score of 0.84% ​​to 435.35 euros, LVMH of 0.84% ​​to 366.00 euros and Hermès of 0.64% to 624.40 euros.

On the upside, the banks are in the midst of CAC 40: Société Générale 0.75% to 22.27 euros, Credit Agricole 0.44% to 10.22 euros and BNP Paribas 0.30% to 40.73 euros.


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