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La Bourse de Casablanca realizes a bonne performance hebdomadaire

The Bourse de Casablanca has a period of 12 to 16 minutes in each mine, with two principal indices, Masi and Madex, with a respective 0.46% and 0.47% respectively.
All of these two sesame seedlings were fermented at the site of 12 to 14 years of occupation by Aid Al-Adha and 40 years after the recovery of Oued Eddahab, Masi, India. global composite of all action-type valves, with 11,618,02 points yielding + 2.23% yield and Madex, compact india composed of valves paired continuously, with 9,462.03 points and + 2.48% discount on debit card.
Quantity indices internationally, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 has a 0.59% to 10.368.15 points and + 0.94% performance performance against the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid with an advanced 0.45% durable semaine , bypassing the bar by 10,000 points to 10.040.25 points or + 2.93% annually.
Concernant reference environment Environnement, Social et Governance (ESG) «Casablanca ESG 10», with 0.19% to 918.62 points portable + + 1.36% performance in 2019, reports MAP.
In terms of sector plan, 11 compartments of 24 represented in the casino are termed semiannual, indicating a performance of 1.66% for Distributors, 1.65% for Participation and Promotion. immobilized »with 0,11% for the" Construction materials and materials ".
Baisse, the Mines sector at a rate of 2.45%, signifies the plus of the baisse sector of the period. Hausses de SMI (+ 14.04%) and Minière Touissit (+ 1.08%) were unable to compensate for Managem's 9.09%.
As a result, the Group operates in the mining and industrial exploitation sector of the first semester of 2019, achieving a target of 300 million drams (MDH) and a semester-long net result of retention of 370 MDH by report fin juin 2018, sous l'effet de la baisse importante de cours du cobalt, zinc et cuivre.
The "Loisirs et Hotels" segment has a yield of 1.83%, which is unique to Risma's sonic effect.
In addition, the comparisons of "Ingenieries et Biens d'Equipment et Industrie" and "Transport" on a respective basis of 1.34% and 0.35% respectively.
Bourse capitalization is the fastest plus at 595.74 billion dirhams (MMDH), while the global volume is around 59.17 MDH.
Durable for this period, performance performance on the SMI monitor (+ 14.04% to 1,300 DHS), Maghreb Oxygen (+ 6% to 169.65 DH), Jet Contractors (+ 4.48% to 301 DHS) et Res Dar Saada (3.55% to 71.45 DH).
En revanche, Managem (-9.09% to 800 DH), Fenie Brossette (-6.95% to 63.5 DH), Timar (-5.97% to 178.65 DH) and Stroc Industries (-5, 46% to 13.5 DH are signaled by plus strong currents in the semen.
Survived the podium were the most active assets included Itissalat Al-Maghrib (38.91%), Attijariwafa Bank (15.33%), Cosumar (10%) and HPS (6%).

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