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Khalifa Sall was quoted by the Rebeuss prison as partisans

Dakar, 29 Sep (APS) – Dakar Mine, Khalifa Ababacar Sall, a dimly lit quake in the Rebeuss jail, in the companionship of all the avocados, crusaders and accusations of more than a dozen militants. with a number of emotions, consistent with APS.

M. Sall, in the aftermath of the declaration, took the form of the presence of these militants and journalists, masses devoted to the principal gate of this prison depot of the president's grandson, who did not benefit from a plethora of fines. -midi.

Khalifa Sall's voyage from the chemin valley to the deterioration of these conditions has led to the mentor, incarcerated in 2017 at the "caisse d'avance" de l'airé de Dakar.

The Maison agents of the Rebeuss Correctional Facility and other police officers were present on the property, constructing a house to contain the fire. They are premiered for sorting electrical matrices without disturbing the conductors and sympathizers of the fuel cell.

Determination of accompanying Khalifa Sall's accompanying familial son-in-law, which was financed by the lancer of the lacrymogenic grenades. C'est la débandade et le sauve-qui-peut.

Les plus teméraires nont malgré tout pas lâché l'affaire et ont continué de suivre de l'acien maire cortège, en scandant son nom.

Mbaye Touré et Yaya Bodian's Quététen quété en béficées reminiscent of integral peines, including the tempo of the Dakar Maire, ont these are premieres in the humorous air. They are on the prison at 19h 52, sorting alert to incontinence that is stored in the main ports.

We have alerts, certifying that we have a strategy of diversifying the agents of penitentiary administration to prevent the weather from going south to Khalifa Sall.

We have Cheikh Kouraïchi Ba, one of Khalifa Sall's cones, explored by journalists who are the President of the Republic, using these constitutional prerogatives, a statement of greed.

The vocabulary precisely referred to as "regal drone", for which, "Khalifa Sall does not provide a quelconque request", which is not included in the caseload, at-il indiqué.

"The Presidency of the Republic of the South is an opportune moment, as it is in an atmosphere of despair, but it does not pertain to this decree, but it is opportunistic", a-t-il dit.

The latest revelations that have been made public, such as the "amnesty fight" declared by Khalifa Sall militants, are "un peu politique".

With Ba dit esperer that "la prochaine stape, la plus juste, sera celle de l'amnistie", soulignant qu'ils not sub qu'au deecret de grace. "The effects of condensation that are not estimated by sont toujours là", a-t-il dit.

"What a bunch of people chose to obtain this type of amnesty for all of Khalifa Sall's successor, reconfiguring the Senegalese people who were divided on those questions that were preceded and accompanied by an electoral process. reelection of the President of the Republic ", at the same time.

Selon lui, c'est le "vuu le plus ardent" des avocats de Khalifa Sall.

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