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Judgment for the failed coup: "The lawyer is like a turtle and her shell", Me Mamadou Traore

President of the Burkina Faso Bar Association at the time of the coup in September 2015, Mamadou Traoré was at the helm of the Military Court on Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Accused of complicity in an attack on state security, killing deliberate attack and battery, the defendant pleaded not guilty and explained.

Following Colonel-Major Burima Kire, Chief of the General Staff of the Fassa Presidency during the coup events, it was former Battoniero Mamadou Traore who was summoned to the bar. According to his account of facts, he ended up at the Naboo Coom II camp on the night of September 16, 2015 (around 11 pm) as Senegalese President Macky Sall's MP. The latter, after learning about the hostage-taking of the transitional authorities, telephoned about 10 am as he tried to summon his counterpart Michel Cafando without further action.

The mission he entrusted was to contact General Gilbert Diende to tell him to get involved in resolving what seemed to be a sudden crisis in the RSB, so nothing seriously happened with the president of the transition. Because of that, the emissar phoned General Dianer to convey this message to him, hence his presence at the camp. Finally, about midnight, he could personally convey the message, before returning back.

While in the testimony of physician Colonel Jonababa, Commander Korogo, Captain Zumbri, Me Traore and others, was good and true in the office of the Corps Chief when changing the CND's statement read on the morning of September 17, The defendant does not recognize himself in that, because after delivering the message he left quietly at home.

Also in his report on merit hearing, General Diende claims that the lawyer was part of his delegation when they went to meet heads of state ECOWAS who came for mediation. This is not true of Me Traore, who said he attended this meeting as the advice of President McKee Sal, president of the ECOWAS office and mediator in this crisis.

The Public Prosecution asks the defendant to explain certain words as "the lawyer can not leave his profession". The indications of the defendant during his hearing on the merits. The second explains this expression with these words: "The lawyer is like a turtle and her shell. Or you go, you are a lawyer. So to say that the lawyer's face and his profession are one.

To clarify his lantern, Me Serafin Somme asks why the defendant felt obliged to go to the camp to convey the message to General Diende, while he could do it on the phone. To trust the former Batton, it is diligence in the execution of the mission that commanded this attitude.

Me Serafin returns to the indictment to find out why the defendant, after carrying out the message, did not consider it necessary to explain to his chief, even via SMS. For me, Traore, the key question was whether President Cafando was doing well. So there was nothing to bother President Macky Sal late at night, or very early in the morning. The debate on former Battonie continues on Thursday, November 22, at 9 am.

Marcus Cuaman

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