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Jean-Pierre Mariel in "Every morning in the world": the discovery of baroque music

"I did not know baroque music; it was an opportunity for a great discovery"

In « Every morning in the world Directed by Alain Korne from the book by Pascal Kyngar, Jean-Pierre Mariel is played by Monsir de Sente Colombes, an uncompromising composer and mentor at Marine Mare.

Atypical character

The role of Jean-Pierre Mariel requires remarkable compositional effort due to the Baroque composer can only be expressed through music, can not speak through speech "To build the character, the actor of Galleries at Pont-Aven »He was referring to the language of Pascal Kyndiard, the script and the book« The musical lesson ".

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Discovering Baroque Music

For Jean-Pierre Marie, this film was also an introduction to the baroque through the director and music director of the film, namely Alain Korno and Jordi Saval.

I did not know either St. Kolomb or Marin Marea and I did not know baroque music (..) it was for me the occasion for a great discovery – Jean-Pierre Mariel

Influence of Jordi Savol

Jordi Saval, a violist and conductor, was contacted by Alan Korne to co-operate in the film after France Musik's broadcast to Marin Murray in which he participated with Pascal Knyar. Baroque music was very confidential, Marin Murray and Cente-Colomb very little known, and Jordi Saval found the idea of ​​" for less incredible (…) but really remarkable "In collaboration with the film, he contributed to the popularization of baroque music and viola to a gamble.

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Severe grip

When I saw the movie, I was terrified, I just looked at my fingers! – Jean-Pierre Marie

To become Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, he also had to apply his instrument, viola da gamba. If Jean-Pierre Mariel first tried to learn to play an instrument with the help of Jean-Louis Scharbone, he turned to another solution: the mimicry. Facing him, Jean-Louis Charbonnier played and the actor reproduces his gestures identically: " It was very complicated to be credible, I hope so ".

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