Wednesday , October 27 2021

James James Wiseman selected in 2 by the Warriors to see if Dobbs will turn him into David Robinson or Vail McGee


After a good half a million young prospects, heralded as perfect, the Golden State franchise has finally settled on James James Wiseman, the pillar that raised Memphis College. The hat is on her head, but will she still be there at the end of the week? Here is the whole question.

Our friends from Bay went through all the emotions tonight amid rumors of a Boston trade, especially a boy like Marcus Smart, and then of course the injury of Clay Thompson, to whom we obviously wish a good recovery if the illness is confirmed. … How to approach the Draft under these conditions? Should we imagine a boy like Lamelo Ball landing to digitally replace the second Splash Bro? In the end it will not be, welcome James James Wiseman. Stephen Curry announced the color, he wanted the size of the racket and his leaders heard it. That’s why he’s a wonderful beaver who landed in California: 2m16, 110 kg muscles, a boy who has a figure and legs to last the transitions in a team that is used to playing fast. JW is also a jump vacuum and a real ability to protect the circle. And for a full profile, we refer you to our YouTube channel with a full analysis. The boy is talented, his former coach Penny Hardaway even compared him to Chris Bosh recently, and if so, the Dabs will be able to rub their hands in front of such a lump. If the mind follows, then we could witness a really good surprise, otherwise we could rather end up with version 2.0 of Hassan Whiteside, and for a second choice it may be expensive, but the main thing is elsewhere: the racket had to be locked . The Warriors selection has been announced in almost every team in the world for a few weeks, but for now … he stays in the Gulf.

James James Wiseman is officially “Oak” and fans have a lot to celebrate if he is as good as advertised. We will closely monitor his collaboration with Draymond Green, but the opportunity to land in such a workforce can only serve him for the rest of his career.

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