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Italy – Day 28 – Defeated by Genoa, Juventus is no longer unbeaten in Serie A!

Football Football - Serie A - Genoa vs Juventus - Komunale Stadium Luigi Ferrari, Genoa, Italy - March 17, 2019, Stefano Saturaro from Genoa celebrates his first goal with Reuters / Massimo Piña (Reuters)

Italy – 28 den

Refinished after the exploits against Atlético on Tuesday (3-0), Juventus fell this week on the basis of Genoa (0-2). His first loss to the season in the championship.

The heroes were tired. Five days after the overthrow of Atletico Madrid in the second match of the Champions League (3-0 after 0-2 in the first game), Juventus suffered their first defeat in the season of the championship! Without Cristiano Ronaldo, left for the rest, and with Wojciech Szczecny, Giorgio Chielini or Blaise Matudi on the bench, the men of Maximiliano Alegre suffered from the start to the end of the match against Genoa this week (0-2). Gained, sometimes dominated, rarely in the last third of the pitch, the Bianconeri, however, reached a 0-0 break. Less evil, especially when Paolo Dybala thought he would open the score at 56, before video help to cancel this target for Emre Khan's offside position at the start of the action.

The sting finally came from former Allegri soldier Stefano Stralaro. In the 72nd minute came into play, the former Torino (90 games between 2014 and 2018, borrowed at the end of January in Genoa) opened the score scoring just two minutes later, the wound from the right to the entrance to the surface. Bouillant, the audience at the stadium Luigi Ferrari then then upset, and the atmosphere became brilliant when Goran Pandev also entered the game, scored the second goal Genoa (81). Not in his table, nor in his game (five hits in total, without a frame), Juve will not finish the season without the slightest defeat in Serie A. In the placement, she could see her return to the dolphin, Naples, in … fifteen points.

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