Thursday , January 21 2021

Isaiah Thomas is still taking the franchise!

No franchise because the season is set to continue in a few weeks, Isaiah Thomas still hopes to find a home next year. In sight during his last training session, he even tried to send a message to the East franchise.

Fighting in recent years after a hip injury, Isaiah Thomas recently moved to the pool again. But this time, the leader is formal: he is well and truly back. There is no question of getting into trouble anymore, the former Celtics player wants to show that he is ready to help the team to the title.

Present during the pickup game recently, Thomas showed up with nice moves. But what the fans may have noticed are the shorts the player was wearing: Heath. How to flirt with the Florida franchise? Obviously, this was not chosen at random.

For now, IT still finds itself without a franchise. However, with the approach to training camps, the team may well be given a chance to test it. Given his situation, Thomas should not turn down an offer, it remains to be seen if Heath will give him a chance. In any case, and in his last interview for Boston Globe, Pixie announced the color.

I was able to compete with players of caliber MVP, it tells me that my power and my speed are here. I really feel back.

Isaiah reassures Thomas: he is back. If so, he will have no difficulty finding a franchise for next season. This is obviously all the damage we wish him.

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