Friday , January 22 2021

Interest in Gabon's debt fell in 2018 compared to 2017

Illustrative image @ DR

This is clear from the report on the budget execution for the financial year 2018 published in late March by the Ministry of Economy.

Good performance for Gabon. Debt servicing payments reached $ 211.5 billion in 2018, compared to CFAF 233 billion dollars a year earlier, a decline of more than 22 billion CFAFs.

In detail, the external debt is 140.4 billion pounds (CFAF 34 billion dollars for bilateral debt and CFAF 10.4 billion for multilateral debt), compared to CFAF 56.8 billion for domestic debt.

Authorities in Gabones have made debt reduction and fight against deficits as one of their priorities. This explains the unprecedented reform of public finances and state reforms conducted since 2018.

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