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In Abobo at the invitation of Mayor Hamed Bacakojko: Master Gimz promises to help one artist from the city and announces the creation of the studio

In Abidjan, a few days ago, the Ivoirs were able to discover it during a party organized by state minister, defense minister Hamed Bacakoyo, and then at the birthday party of DJ Arafat, Master Himms in his diary visit to the Abobo municipality. In this municipality, where he went on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, in the company of the main judge, Maitre Gims vowed to help the resident artist not without announcing the creation of a talent studio for the commune.

Lord Gimmes was treated on Tuesday at a very warm welcome from Abobo's people. In the municipal high school in the city where he went with Mayor Hammed Bacakojo in the afternoon, the rapper was greeted in triumph before meeting with the artists of Abobo. "The students from the Abobo Municipal High School this afternoon received the visit of Master Gimz. It was a pleasant moment of community and an exchange between the star and its young fans.Abobo's artists in the spotlight this afternoon during this meeting with Master Guim in the presence of Mayor Hammed Bacakyko ", welcomed the first commander of the commune.

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Revealing the reasons for his presence in the city, Maitre Gim reported that under the leadership of the mayor, he decided to get closer to an artist in order to be able to experience success. "I was willing to sponsor a young artist from here after the match, I found it interesting, I will support the winner of this game, I was given a hand in my career, so it's my turn to touch," he said, adding that the goal is "to bring talent out of this neighborhood".

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The altruist, Maitre Gims, also announced the creation of a free recording studio in Abobo in order to give all artists of the city the chance to live their passion. "The project for creating a recording studio here is very serious, it's a very good idea to create a recording studio here in Abobo." In the work of this studio, it should be free for the poorest artists and big artists will have to pay " , he said.

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For the mayor of Abobo, the presence of Maitre Gims in the municipality is to enable young people to be inspired by a model of success. "I invited Master Himms to inspire you, he is very proud because it is the success of a young man who fought. I wanted him to bring you his energy, his aura so that you too will succeed for Abobo," said Mayor Hammed Bacakyoko.

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