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il reagit face aux rumeurs d'infidélité

The rapper Travis Scott et Kérie Kylie Jenner is about to be idolized. Face to face rumors that the rapper has been trampled on by the billionaires of the Kardashians, on the crane and in the rectory.

A rupture with Kylie Jenner pronounced, as the current and southerly rheumatism that the relationship between the two stars aurait succombe to the rapper's infidelity. Cooled and cooled by lubricating oils, the raptor mounts to the crane and responds to these extractors.

«You are affected by ruminants. Encore this one, which does not have any histoires that are available to all of us yet. With our focus on music, music and family is all about computing. », a look at Stormi's son on Instagram. This rap rapper has a suite of comments made by Kylie Jenner, who is planning to rejoin her son ex Tyga in the studio.

Capture the screen on Instagram, public.fr

D'apres les informations de Public, a couple of misplaced fins on their adventure causing ruminants to worry about the rapper and an influencer. All images are transmitted through sonic photos with the influence in a troubled circonstance. « Travis et le mannequin, Rojean Work, auraient posté des clichés sur Instagram au endroit et au moment », indicated in the magazine. An situation embarrassing for Travis as well as for influenza in question. Cette dernière a duailers essayé d'arranger les choses en le rappeur et Kylie. «S'il vous plate, arrange de propager des mensonges et laissez-nous, elle et moi seul, car all affecte des vies reels», avait écrit West Midlands.

Travis a sorti concession une nouvelle chanson, «Higher in the Room», dont get distracting lyrics, sans fans, no problems with kylie. Espérons that are a female rapper, as well as rapists, to reproduce the couple's reproduction of plus belle.

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