Saturday , October 19 2019
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Idrisa Sekk called Karim Wade

Candidates stormed a presidential maneuver to prevent the re-election of Mecca. And, the great alliance appears around Idris Shek's candidacy. Pope Diop from Bok Gis-Gis, Hadzibi Soumar, Karim Vede, Tierno Alasane Sal, Califa Sal agree to support Idris Seck's candidacy, the witness informed. Only, says the newspaper, nothing is officially. These are just sketches of alliances to settle in Paris and materialize in Senegal. The newspaper adds that the call of Idris Sheikh to Karim Wade during the dinner seems to have been an incentive for this coalition.
According to the witness, the leader of Guem Sap Bop, Bugane Guy Dani, will be in charge of engaging reconstructed supporters of the "Idy2019" coalition. Malik Gaku also became a recruiting sergeant for Idris Shek, says L & # 39; AS. Who reports that the Great Party leader visited Aida Mobyod to persuade her to support Idris Shek's candidacy.

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