Monday , September 20 2021

Gray’s Anatomy season 17: Episode 4, SPOILER back, fans in tears

Episode 4 of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is back …

… George George O’Malley! Yes, it is TR Knight who is back in episode 4 of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, to the delight of fans, as you can see below. George George’s death remains one of the most memorable in the series and his famous “007” written in Meredith’s palm is one of Gray Anatomy’s greatest twists. But that is not the only reason we were happy to see him again. Faithful, caring, and always ready to help others, George George still serves as a hallmark of Meredith in his subconscious after changing his life while he was still alive.

Whether they are on one side or the other of the Atlantic, the fans of Gray Anatomy he may have guessed that George O’Malley would return thanks to the big track in Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, but apparently no one was ready to see him again. With more than 16 seasons on the clock and an almost complete change of starting lineup, it is clear that the series can strongly play its nostalgia card to move fans. And once again, the result was there. Will we see George George or Derek again for the rest of the season? See you in a few days to find out …

Credits: ABC, Twitter

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