Saturday , April 17 2021

Get out, see, listen: Rendez-vu to strangers in the hexagon


Zouk toured the 80s on Zenith on October 31, 2019.
1979-2019: 40 years, 40 tubes and 4 classes. This is the slogan of this new concept "Zuk Generation Tour" who on October 31st will propose to Zenith from Paris a sum of all these artists who have written some of the most beautiful pages of this typical western Indian music.

Usually you heard them in discos. This time, they will follow each other on a big stage. Do not make a mistake. Orlan, Leila Shikot, N'ya, Slay, Teri Cham, Medi Kustos, Marvin, Tony Chaser, Ari Dibula and others have a great challenge. Demonstrate that besides Kasav, other artists managed to embody the talent with this musical genre invented by the group from West India.

The tour will then take place on 15 and 16 November in Guadalupe, 17 in Martinique and 23 in Guyana. For Paris, tickets will be sold on June 15th.


"Black" on Tanya de Montane. Staging and Adaptation Stefan Fonikkis and Tanja de Montaigne. Rhode Point Theater. From 12 to 30 June (Tuesday to Sunday). We all remember the protest of Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her place on the bus, Montgomery inAlabamaDecember 1, 1955. But do we know that before her, in March of that same year, another African-American woman, Claudette Colvin, rejected the same refusal at the age of 15? Always on a bus in Alabama. This is the forgotten life of another activist capturing Tanya de Montage.


Saifa. It was discovered on the occasion of "Oceania Abroad". Saifa, a young Guyana man, 24-year-old, fired and provocative, created a name for himself with his own repetitions of Admiral T repertoire. Berkeley College Music, noticed by Jacob Devarian and therefore Admiral T. (He was the first part of these two artists) returns with the first clip, showing that he belongs to this new Otterer music scene.


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