Saturday , April 17 2021

Gas Exploitation: The state invited to anticipate fishing threats

Dakar, April 26 (MAP) – Tala Diane Gue, a member of the Platform called the "Kayar Vision for the Future", said on Friday in Dakar that public authorities should take into account concerns related to the sustainability of activities in the prospect of upcoming gas off-take from the Senegalese coast.

"We are not telling about gas exploitation (…). It is even a blessing for Senegal, but authorities should consider local people who only have fishing and seasonal agriculture as activities." Today, all these activities are under threat, "he said during the official launch of the platform.

He urged the state to take into account the concerns of the local population in order to "find solutions to the threat that the fishing sector faces in terms of gas exploitation and climate change.

"We want the state of Senegal and donors to come to us to help us find solutions to the threat of people's activities," the platform's communications officer insisted.

"In recent years, we have seen a sea movement at a disturbing pace in Kayar (a locality in the Tise region). The future exploitation of gas will inevitably lead to a flight of fish that was attracted by tranquility," Tala warned.

The platform for the future of "Kayar Vision" aims to offer training and support to its members in order to encompass dividends from the impact of gas resources through an inclusive economic development plan, according to its initiators.

His mission will also consist of informing and sensitizing the people of Kayar on issues related to gas exploration.


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