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GARAZIL and ŽAN LUK are our favorites

This Saturday, April 27, 2019, the Great Race of Spring Hurdles will be a racing event with 20 obstacles of 5 years and more at the start of 4,300 meters from the Audiele ring. Back in handicap, GARASIL remains a good exit and needs to be well understood. The contest will be led by ZAN LUC, the author of the last big victory, the Youth of PET, which is still competitive, and INTRINSEK, who just signed a nice exit. The postal offices should then be compared between ZARISK, close to the service of choice, EPI SACRE, which makes its return to a hedge handicap, PLUMEUR, always on an attack of 12 years, and ESPION COLLONGES, which could make an impression under this value.

François Nicole, Garasil, retired during the previous year, by matching the benefits of selecting such a tournament. Author of a good return three weeks ago, he returned to a handicap with logical pretensions to the coronation. By its value, it promises to be competitive for the palm.

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Montmartre's son, Jean Luc, is consistent in its entirety and can make an impression on this race. He has only won in style here after finishing on the podium with two handicaps. He perfectly copes with his partner and his entourage expects behavior of choice. Distrust.

14 – Queen of PET
Protected by François Marie Cotten, Queen of the Queen receives an instinct from the beginning of the year, with two successes on her counter. Winner of the disability at the end of February, she remains in third place, despite a 4 kg penalty, which shows her margin of progress at this level. Always in the company of D. Brass, it seems that he can play leading roles.

A pupil of Janick Fertile, Intrinterx is intermittent, but his final attempts are promising. He easily dominated the situation in Nantes recently, and has just finished second in "Rose or Without Reward", behind the beauty "Promise", which finds it in better conditions to retaliate. The podium was hopeful.

Representative of the Central Stable, Zarisk regained confidence in the peak at the required level, and remains on interesting outings in a hedge. He has just made an encouraging return to the repertoire, finishing in the fifth position and facing a quality dedication at the bottom of the table. Close to valuable performance, it might surprise you.

Winner of two handicaps in the hurdles last season, then Epi Sacre was referred to the peak, including the second place in the Morris Giloa Prize. His return was not convincing in this discipline, but his entourage expected a ransom, presenting him to such a tournament. Do not overlook.

At the age of 12, Plumor still speaks of him in competition. He just finished honorably in fourth place here in the race for the situation, where Garazil won the third place. He will be entrusted to Kevin Nabet on this occasion and will present his value here. Warning.

The bearer of the Pope Cossack, Spy Collonges is still a brand new and virgin. He fell into Prince Morris Giloa in the autumn, but his entourage prices and complied with obstacles from his return to the track. Third from Jean Luc recently, he undoubtedly progressed after this return and could stand out.

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