Sunday , April 11 2021

Foot PSG – PSG: Parisian pigeons for Neymar from Brazil, Rotten Goes Forward

Once again, the end of the season is confrontational between Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian Federation for Neymar.

After the French Cup final against Rehn on Saturday, the club in the capital will have nothing to play in May. Neymar, on the other hand, will aim to gain momentum for Copa America in Brazil (June 14 – July 7). What Titus does not hide. "Neymar returned Sunday and we managed to follow his recovery. He will have more time to regain his form and he will arrive in Copa with a much better level than the World Cup", was recently launched by coach auriverde. A media outlet that did not like Jerome Roten.

"It's unbearable I'm tired of hearing this." After a while, you have to respect this club. "The people who are at the helm of this club must respect and take such words from an official club. what he says is that Neymar is thinking the same, and that's what bother me. What I want first is to win PSG ", starts the Ile-de-France consultant RMC. It is difficult to contradict, knowing that Brazil was forced to return Neymar in time before the 2018 World Cup, with the risk of relapse over time. This has not happened this winter.

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