Saturday , May 8 2021

FIFA Rankings: Senegal takes first place in Africa

XALIMANEWS: Like every month, FIFA released this Thursday its updated version of the nation's ranking for November. And after the fifth round of qualifications for KP 2019 (and some friendly games), there is a change of leader at the African level with Senegal in the first place.
Terranga's lions surpass Tunisia, beaten twice this month. Senegal qualified for the next African Cup 2019. With its two successes, Morocco stands on the podium of the continent.
Therefore, Aliu Cissé's knees are at the first place on the African level and receive two points all over the world. Lions are now ranked 23rd in the world.
African top 20
1. Senegal (23rd)
2. Tunisia (26th)
3. Morocco (40th)
4. Nigeria (44th)
5. DRC (49th)
6. Ghana (51st place)
7. Cameroon (55th)
8. Egypt (56th)
9. Burkina Faso (61st place)
10. Small (64th)
11. Côte d'Ivoire (65th)
12. Guinea (66th place)
13. Algeria (67th)
14. Cape Verde (72rd)
15. South Africa (72rd)
16. Uganda (75th)
17. Zambia (82nd)
18. Congo (84th)
19. Gabon (85)
20. Benin (94th place)

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