Monday , September 20 2021

Fabregas, a decisive passer who became an experienced passer in Monaco

Since the beginning of the season, Cesc Fabregas has played eight matches in L1. Four times holder between the 3rd and 6th day, he lost his place after the defeat in Brest (1-0), on 4 October.

Since then, the 2010 world champion in pass quality has always been so flawless is no longer the first choice of environment for his coach, Niko Kovac.

“We changed our scheme with two defensive midfielders, Aurelien (Tsuameni) and Yusuf (Fofana), specifying the Croatian. When they play, there is only one position left. the one of N. 10, which can also be played by Wissam (Ben Yeder) and Kevin (Woland). Against Paris, he (Fabregas) entered this position and helped change the game. “That is what I expect from him.”

Because Fabregas is always a resort when things go wrong. This was the case in Lyon and against Paris. Each time he took a break, he transformed a ragged team. But that is not enough …

It is not easy for a coach who has 25 players available to find the right + mix +, the right solution, Kovac recognizes. You should also have a return solution if the first one does not work. I’m very happy to have Cesc here. He is a great professional, a very good person. I know it is not easy for him. But he accepts the situation. When he is on the field, he gives everything. “He is a very, very important player for the team.”

“He knows what he’s talking about”

Recruited by Thierry Henry, neglected by Leonardo Ardardim, indispensable under the ephemeral direction of Robert Moreno, his role has been gradually evolving this season.

But with 33 years and a salary of more than 7.2 million euros gross per year, which lasts until June 2022 and from which he will not be able to find the equivalent in Europe, the former Arsenal boss seems to accept this new situation. Become an experience smuggler just like good balls on the field!

Entering with him against Paris, the Brazilian Caio Anrique explains that “with his experience, Cesc knows what he is talking about and what can happen in a match. Against Paris, he knew how to come back. To be more effective, I listen to his advice “Always for accommodation, centers. It’s natural and helps us thrive.”

“He is very open, he continues with his coach. We easily talk about the situation together. Everyone knows his qualities, his past, his experience. But he also knows that we only play eleven. Cesc is important because he has a lot of experience. “There is no problem with him.”

Exemplary and off the field, much appreciated by the locker room he celebrated with dignity after the victory against Paris, Fabregas seems to appreciate the end of his career in the Principality.

And, if it remains a competitor, “who needs criticism” and whose “the goal is to qualify for the Champions Leaguehe knows that his “legs are no longer able to connect the long sprint races”.

“I am no longer 20 years old,” he concludes. “But I am physically good and I can lead a structured team. I have always felt that I was an important player for the club and the team. That does not change. I believe in myself a lot, that is the most important thing.” .

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