Wednesday , April 21 2021

England: Sadio Mane, only African in the team-type •

Senegalese international Liverpool, Sadio Mane, is officially retained in the team type of the season in England.

If it is necessary to wait for a week, and a traditional ceremony organized by the players to officially recognize the winner of the Player of the Year award and the full list of PFA awards, the Daily Mail announced this Wednesday the lucky ones to be selected.

According to the English diary, Virgil van Dyk is to succeed Mohammed Salah for the title Player of the Year. The Liverpool player, who will be the first dedicated defender of John Terry in 2005, is preferred by his teammate Sadion Mane, Citizens Raem Sterling, Sergio Aguero and Bernardo Silva and Edem Hazard.

One of the best elements of Liverpool, Sadio Mane, is comforted with a place in the team of the season type. The author is an explosive season with red, born in Bambali, is still in the race for the title of the top scorer with 18 goals in his counter. The 27-year-old Senegalese is overtaken by Aguero, Abameyang and his teammate Salah (19).

onTeam type of the season in the Premier League (source Daily Mail):

Ederson – Robertson, LaPorta, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold-Pogba, Fernandinho, Bernardo Silva-Mane, Aguero, Sterling.

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