Sunday , June 13 2021

Emigration: 89 people from several nationalities arrested in Dionysar

Fatik, March 12 (MAP) – African candidates for illegal immigration, numbering 89 candidates, were detained on the island of Diovovar by the Fidelian gendarmerie in the Fatik region (western), and – did we learn from a safe source?

From Kazamans, southern Senegal, more precisely around Elinkin, a fishing village about ten kilometers from the Osusoy municipality, these 89 candidates for illegal emigration to Europe, two women were arrested on board a boat, the same source asked for anonymity.

"On the way, their boat had difficulties before failing on the island of Dionwar, one of the islands of Salomon, forcing the island's population to warn the gendarmerie that intervened without much difficulty on the stage," she explained.

39 of the arrested are Senegalese nationals, 41 of them are Ghana, against 5 Gambia, 3 Sierra Leone and 1 Liberia, she said.

According to the same source, 50 of the 89 detainees were in the gendarme Brigade of Fimela for the purposes of the open investigation, and 39 were transferred to the Fatihik Brigade.

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