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EbenMagazine – FR – Princess Charlene of Monaco, zoom in on her 10 views for National Day


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This week, the Royal Blog invites you to discover all the views that Princess Charlene of Monaco wore during Monegasque National Day when she was the wife of Prince Albert II.

On November 19, 2011, Charlene Whitstock experienced her first Monegasque national holiday as Princess of Monaco. The 33-year-old had Prince Albert II four and a half months ago. Marriage. At 19 years old. In November 2020, the man who has since become the mother of Rock’s cute little twins, Prince Quesak and Princess Gabriela, attended the event for the tenth time as the sovereign’s wife.

Every year – except this year when it illuminated the Covid-19 epidemic – the morning program for the princely family is unchanged. After the Mass in the Cathedral of Monaco, a presentation of the decorations of the sovereigns will be held in the main courtyard of the Prince’s Palace, followed by an examination of the troops and the appearance on the balcony. Princess Charlene is always very elegant and she appears there every time in a new look, accompanied by gloves and a hat, paying attention to different styles and colors. Especially for this occasion, he was bought by the fashion house Acris in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which he generally prefers for big events in the Principality. . But sometimes he chooses other designers. For the 2020 vintage, she wore a very long coat by designer Terrence Bray of Durban, South Africa, her home country. .

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Charlene, Princess of Monaco, Albert II. , The Prince of Monaco

EbeneMagazine – FR – Princess Charlene of Monaco, zoom in on her 10 views for National Day

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