Sunday , April 18 2021

Double murder – Sohna Aida "Sheikh was in black rage

It is surprising that the two (2) wives of Sheikh Bethy Tiune, who were at the helm of the Tribunal de Mbour Criminal Tribunal, on Thursday, April 25, on the third day of the opening of the trial, have poured up the husband for complicity in the double murder of Medinatul Salam .

To get to know first, Ada Deti Peney claimed that marabout was in his room watching a battle battle when he received a call announcing that Bara Sou and Abbakar Dian came to visit him. But she said, the sheik did not leave his room, because Chat Fay, his interlocutor, told him that he would take care of them.

Sohna Aida has lost the same trumpet. According to her story, she was sick on the day of events and remained in her room. However, she said, marabout commented on the fight she watched on television and that his disciplines hid the truth from him. She claims that "after the events, the sheikh was angry because she hid the truth. Sheikh Bettio never ordered anyone to attack the gang in Barra Soya."

The hearing was interrupted until next Monday

His wife's testimonies were not at all enormous for her husband. Children Pene was the first to testify in defense, before her wife Aida Diallo. Sheik's fourth wife returned to what she saw and heard the day of the double murder of Medinatul Salam. "We watched the Yekini / Balla Gaye fight. At this point, Cake Faye came to tell Betty Thion that Bar Seaw and his band were there," the lady replied, with an annoying but firm voice.


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