Wednesday , July 28 2021

Did Gims plagiarize Drake and Travis Scott? Booba makes huge accusations!

Games accused of plagiarism of Drake, Travis Scott and Astin Timberlake of Booba having fun

As promised before the release of Le Fléau, Booba was quick to comment on Gims’ new work to deal with it and to continue the clash against rapper Sexion D’Assaut who just won the NRJ on Saturday night. Honorary NRJ Music Awards in 2020.

While waiting to find out the first numbers for the sale of Meugi’s album, Internet users made the first on social media this Friday to express disappointment with the promise made by Gims with the release of a 100% rap project, that Bowba did not fail to point out before to put a layer accusing him of plagiarizing big stars like Inastin Timberlake, Travis Scott, Drake.

According to Booba’s allegations on his Instagram account, Games would indeed plagiarize two titles, one with “Jetez pas l’oeil” in which Wald was inspired by the second part of the single Travis Scott and Drake, “Sicko Mode” with a similar flow and melody. similar to the Canadian, then with the song “Dans ma tête” in collaboration with ekekers visibly inspired by the hit “Cry me River” by inastin Timberlake according to B2O with also a melody that resembles the refrain, “Cry me with a courier @Gims marabout remix” he added in a comment.

Games accused of plagiarism by Drake, Travis Scott and Inastin Timberlake of Booba having fun

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