Sunday , June 20 2021

Depressed professor slaughters his pregnant wife

Thursday macabre Fissel Mbadane in the Thies region. Saliou Ngom, Professor of Life and Geosciences (Svt), cut up his 9-month-old pregnant wife. The tragedy took place this Thursday in Fissel Mbadane, the capital of the district, ten kilometers from the community of Thiadiaye.

According to our source, the couple lived separately while waiting to celebrate traditional marriage. But the woman who lives outside her husband's house came every morning to greet him and inquire after his health. This Thursday morning, when everyone was at the Mbafaye weekly market, they found themselves alone in the house. The same source indicates that the husband, who did not enjoy his mental faculties, threw himself on them and slaughtered them.

The alleged murderer was immediately arrested by the elements of the Gendarmerie Brigade of Thiadiaye. As for the lifeless body of the victim, who was supposed to be a high school student, he was dropped off by the firefighters at the Mbour Department Hospital for autopsy.

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