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Daily (TMC): The surprise of giving up the brothers' arrival Jonas creates a storm on Twitter – News

The Jonas Brothers were expected as a messiah on the set dailythis Monday, May 20. But the TMC show was finally made without them. The denial of the arrival of the American group, but published on Twitter on Twitter, without explanation, was not the taste of fans.

Great disappointment this Monday, May 20, on the set of daily. Released last weekend, the advent of Jonas Brothers, a famous American pop rock band, in the show Yann Barthes it finally did not happen. Indeed, after the tease reported on Twitter's talk show, fans of the three dark Brunettes had an unpleasant surprise to notice their absence during the release of the summary. only Nicholas Hulot was mentioned by the facilitator. Strange, especially since the band appeared the same day in the first part of the competition show, Do not touch my position

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According to information disclosed by Jean-Marc Morandini on his website, is actually a new return to the war between the two talks. The group recorded its transition to the TMC show and the order was to be broadcast exclusively on the channel. He also performed in the broadcast Kiril Hanuna, a benefit that was due to be released this Wednesday, two days later. But the C8 host upset his programming, stealing the show from his competitors. daily devoid of its exclusivity, will decide to get rid of this musical string.

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Yann Barthes in no case gave any explanation for the absence of Jonas Brothers in the show. He can return to the topic in the show tomorrow. This silence strongly upset the group's fans and caused anxiety on Twitter. They must say that they are waiting impatiently for their arrival. "Why are you announcing the presence of Jonas Brothers today on Twitter and do not explain their presence tonight?"said one of them in vain. "I waited all the time not to see the brothers Jonas?"asked another, disappointed.

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