Friday , May 7 2021

Crash – Kitty started trying to find Emiliano Salla

hall (emiliano) (B.The Bars / The Team)


As police in Guernsey announced on Thursday, at the end of the survey, launched a pot to try to find Emiliano Sala and his pilot plane. In less than 10 hours, it has already exceeded 100,000 euros.

It's the whole world of football that is mobilizing for Emiliano Salla. After interrupting the quest to find the Argentine striker, the whale was launched this Friday to re-activate the survey. "This pot was created in the face of the urgency of the situation and the decision of the authorities not to continue with the research, we can read on the platform. His only goal, through a specialized non-profit organization, is to help the Emiliano family and pilot Dave Ibbotson continue their research. "

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With a goal of 150,000 euros, the call for donations has already raised two-thirds of the amount in less than ten hours. Many players, including Ikbaly Gundogan, Corinth Tholiso and Jeffrey Kondobia, have already put their hands in their pockets to help relatives of Emiliano Salla.

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