Tuesday , January 19 2021

Christian Quesada: a testament to Hanouna who adds a layer

Absolutely encouraging revelations. Indeed, it's the set of the show Touche Pas in Mon Poste that the young Melissa told how Christian Quesada, the great champion of the show at 12 strokes at noon, will abuse her. As a reminder, the second is accused of detaining and spreading child pornography.

It starts in 2017 when, Melissa, written to Christian Quesada in order to congratulate himour his incredible record in the show of 12 strokes at noon. She is also entrusted with having a dream to attend the Touche Pas's My Post program to meet Cyril Hanouna and Camille Combal. For a brief exchange, Christian Quesada He then proposes to accompany him on the set, who is invited in just a few days!

Melissa agrees to indulge

Forcing him to pay for transportation and hotels, then former candidate "He managed to convince the young woman. However, the latter become more and more insistent and the situation will have a different twist when both of them meet in the hotel. He lay down, calling the young woman to join him. Accepting it, he faces the first refusal. He will then insist, and that's when a young woman turns to him. Worried that everything goes well, Christian Quesada She shoots at her so she will not cry.

An important testimony to the investigation

" You feel safe with me, you will accomplish your dream, you will see Kiril and Kamil "She continues as Melissapetrified, do not know what to answer. She will make sure she feels raped, humiliated. A terrible testimony that, if proven, can weigh a lot in equilibrium ever since Melissa it will not be the first one to choose to get out of the silence. The ongoing research will help to learn a little bit more about this evening.

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