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Carlos Gosn and Lebanon: The Jesuits for Financial Investments

A tycoon who fell from the global automotive industry, the former head of the Renault-Nissan alliance, at the heart of the Japan investigation into alleged corrupt practices, made several investments in Lebanon during the 2000s.

Born in Brazil in 1954, Carlos Gon, a grandson of immigrants, lived in Beirut, at the age of six, before continuing his university studies in Paris.

Here's a list of his major investments and anchors in Lebanon.

– Diversified investments

Carlos Gosnn is one of the partners of Ixir, a wine estate founded in 2008, which produces nearly 500,000 bottles a year. It also owns several tens of hectares of land used for wine production.

The former head of Renault-Nissan has 4.6% of the capital of Bank Saradar. The bank's assets and capital amounted to $ 2.7 billion and $ 235 million at the end of September 2018, according to figures quoted by Banque Audi.

He is also a shareholder in CEDRAR, a real estate project aimed at constructing about sixty luxurious bungalows near the Cedar City Symbolic Reserve in the northern part of the country. Under construction by the company Consulting and Property Management (CGI), linked to the Saradar bank, the project is expected to cost about thirty million dollars.

Among the assets of the former tycoon of the car are also shares in other real estate projects developed by CGI, which is not a shareholder, according to the anonymous source.

Moreover, the luxury property located in Beirut will be at the center of the ongoing investigation in Japan, according to a source familiar with the issue.

– Discreet glory

Former Jesuit College Notre Dame de Jahor, former head of the Alliance of Renault-Nissan, is also sitting at the Strategic Council of Saint Joseph's University (USJ), also established by the Jesuit Order in 1875.

In 2012, USJ started the Road Safety Management and Master Degree in partnership with the Renault Foundation, inaugurating the parallel space "Carlos Gosn" at one of its campuses.

In 2003, Mr Ghosn received an honorary doctorate from the American University of Beirut (AUB), founded in 1866, before becoming a member of its board of directors.

Widely known and valued in Lebanon, Mr. Gosn made discreet trips, far from the center of attention and social life. His social network and activities were limited to a small circle of close friends and family members.

A stamp with his photo was released in 2017 by the Lebanese authorities.

During the two presidential crises in Lebanon over the last decade, Mr Gos's name circulates in political and religious circles as a potential presidential candidate. But according to relatives, former head of Renault has never shown any interest in any public office in Lebanon.

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