Thursday , January 28 2021

Carla Bruni and Julia's education: the star has only one tip for her daughter

Two months after the Italian edition, the she The French, in turn, dedicates a magnificent object to three mythical peaks: Cindy Crawford, Ela MacPherson and Carla Bruni. Sublimated by photographer Gilles Bensimon, these three figures who marked their perfect silhouette in the 1990s, turn to these years carelessly and their first memories of the magazine she. In the age of 51, Nicolas Sarkozy's wife also gently evacuated her two children.

Since his marriage to the former President of the Republic, Wonderful Julia was born, October 19, 2011. She asks Carla Bruni what her "advice of the woman":"Often I tell my daughter that independence is key to a woman. But, above all, I wish him love and happiness for starting a family."This week, the 7-year-old girl went for an adventure for her first green class. stories Instagram shows her little blonde and her pink backpack climbing into the bus at the time of departure.

Karla Bruni is also the mother of Aurelian Enthoven, whose father is Raphael Enthoven. The young man, passionate about paleontology and metal worshiper, will be 18 years old in June. "When I remember my years of modeling, reveals Carla Bruni, memories are shaken! Almost wild and full of adventure. I was free, unconscious and alone, I always traveled. If I compare with my son Aurelien, he is much more responsible than I am! I admire the wisdom of this new generation."

in gala, in October 2017, she explained with a touch of pride that her son was a vegetarian with persuasion "for the protection of animalsAnd more generally, the education that he offers to his children: "My parents have left me with a lot of freedom and I try to reproduce this education. I let my kids do whatever they want. Apart from drugs, alcohol and dangerous things, of course. I give them all my love and protection, but I'm not trying to overcome our relationship, I do not interfere with their taste and their lives."

she, on kiosks on April 19, 2019.

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