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Butt et temps de l'opposition, Equipe de France I FFF 2019

Les Bleus is currently running on October 8 on the Pibarot de Clairefontaine stage. A session marked by opposition on a redundant surface with reversible butts. Grab the efficacy of Antoine Griezmann, this late remake by the team of orange chasubles.

All but, all rums, all inside, all selections, the Coupe de France, the foot feminine, the futsal, the beach soccer, the amateur foot, the formation, the national champions, D1 Féminine, D1 Futsal .. ne ratez rien et abonnez-vous à notre chaine FFF: https://goo.gl/1Pc8Mw

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La Fédération Française de Football (F.F.F.) is an association in 1901 whose mission is:
– organizing the practice of football, in all its forms;
– setting the techniques;
– delineating titles and general national selections;
– the process of obtaining licenses;
– defining and enabling a global project of formation;
– de defendre les intérêts du football français.

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