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Business Ousseynou Diop and "Thiantacounes": Collective Deprivation (By Ibrahima Sadikh NDour)

"The worst attitude is indifference" (Stéphane Hessel, 2010),

Case Ousseynou Diop: restraint and the desire to please France unfairly

For four (4) years, a young Senegalese named Ousseynou Diop languishes in Rebeuss Prisons. He is being prosecuted for his apology for terrorism after posting comments on his Facebook pages after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. At the time, he was just 19 years old, and in the second year he studied at the Faculty of Science at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD). He has not been tried yet. He remains in prison for 4 years under the prevention penalty.

According to DakarActu (a side close to power), Ousseynou Diop posted the following message on his Facebook page under the nickname "Hussein Weuz", based in New York, 3 days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015: "I'm happy with his attacks because you do not have to forget what you did with the work of Charlie Hebdo, who caricatures the face of our dear prophet Mohamed (Psl), and you pay the price, happiness of our beloved Muslim brother Coulibaly ( Hrsg. Jihadist who was killed in the attack on the Hyper Carcher) And I tell you and I suggest that the other attack will take place during the Nice-Lyon match. " He had been persecuted by the French authorities who had immediately alerted his Senegalese colleagues to his arrest.

In view of these remarks, the offense of apology for terrorism, understood as describing, presenting or commenting on an offense by asking for a favorable moral judgment, was allegedly committed by Ousseynou Diop. He could also be considered the author of a false terrorist warning. Is his continued pre-trial detention so justified by his age and circumstances for up to four years? The answer is clearly NO! For similar reasons, young Frenchmen had the sanction they deserved, and that it stood in proportion to the mistake made. Two examples relating to the attacks of Charlie Hebdo can illustrate our point of view, and at the same time show the speed and purpose of the French judiciary. The first concerns a 19-year-old French boy who has acclaimed the atrocities committed by the attackers in social networks. This kid was brought to trial and sentenced by the Carpentras Criminal Court "Sorry for a terrorist act"to a suspended sentence of 12 months and 210 hours civilian service ( They read a good 12 months imprisonment and civil service! The second example concerns another 24-year-old who, while writing on Facebook, was pleased that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was a "holiday" and also joked about the video of the murder of police officer Ahmed. Merabet. This young man was sentenced to only 5 months in prison ( Finally, still in France, the author of a false warning of hostage taking on Saturday, September 17, 2016 in the center of Paris (in a church), which would mobilize helicopters, police, gendarmes and soldiers only to prison terms between six months and two years and between € 7,500 and 2 years in prison Striking is the duration and form of these sentences. They are a long way from the four years of pre-trial detention that Ousseynou Diop still has to endure. The French judiciary has been able to give the two young people a second chance, which will undoubtedly reflect more than once before plunging into social networks to apologize for terrorism. Another lesson to remember, the French judiciary has not shown that it is a machine to break young people and break the hopes of a whole family. On the contrary, she knew how to do educational work, certainly considering the as of the defendant, considering that some of the mistakes were made by people who were not in adolescence, like Ousseynou Diop , If our authorities, administrative and judicial authorities, want to infest France, they at least have the intelligence to do so by copying positive aspects. Under the altar of steadfastness and the dazzling desire to reward their master, they have practically destroyed a young person's life and ruined the hopes of a family. This is unacceptable and should lead us to demand the immediate release of Ousseynou Diop, who will miss his sentence as soon as possible.

Thiantacounes affair: proof of double speed justice

As a reminder, in 2015, two compatriots, Bara Sow and Ababacar Diagne, were brutally murdered and buried in Medinatoul Salam, property of Béthio Thioune. The investigation had led to Béthio Thioune, the main sponsor of the murder, and nine (9) other "Thiantacounes" who were considered the performers of this low job. They are Samba Fall, Mamadou Anne, Mamadou Guèye, Demba Kebe, Moussa Dièye, Khadim Seck, Mouhamed Sene, Aly Diouf and Cheikh Faye. They were all placed under arrest warrants, including Béthio Thioune, before he received a temporary release. The 9 "Thiantacounes" languished for another six years in the Thiès detention center "Criminal conspiracy, concealment of corpses, unauthorized burial, non-proliferation of crime and murder and barbarism", Their request for provisional release was rejected by the judge of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Mbour on the grounds that they had no serious guarantees of representation, so they could once escape outside. Six (6) years pre-trial detention for this Senegalese lambda until a verdict! Even the president of the Union of Municipal Authorities of Senegal acknowledges that it is not normal to detain a person for six years without judging. Even worse, the one who is considered the main sponsor of the two murders continues to be surrounded by his five wives and organizes gigantic "theaters" as if he were free of any accusation in a blood crime case during his involvement. The case of Assane Diouf should be included in this register. He is being detained without trial, voluntarily and for revenge. What is very serious (abuse of justice and power) undermines the foundations of the rule of law!

Indifference of the people: loss of all indignation

What is shocking in these two (2) cases is the indifference of Senegalese and Senegalese. Wrongfulness can not exceed the fines suffered by the defendant in these two cases, although he has the right to be judged within a reasonable time, regardless of what he is accused of. So far, only human rights organizations have stepped up to denounce such a situation, but to no avail, because people are not worried about it. Students who had to condition the beginning of the new academic year from the verdict of their colleague Ousseynou Diop are exemplary in the food claim (payment of scholarships, opening of restaurants, allocation of rooms, etc.). They give every reason to despair our youth: no or little commitment to noble purposes, to social projects or to building the future of the nation. For our women and politicians, with the exception of a minority, the majority puts their daily actions and concerns into the dynamics of finding situations of unjust enrichment for their personal and family well-being. What about academics? Those who should enlighten people hide in a mutism, even in a complacency, with devastating effects on their necessary contribution to the formation of an informed and responsible public opinion. Scientists have left the field of reflection and engagement to mostly fill in the gaps of "Xar maat" while he tried not to upset the supporters of the current power, hoping to benefit from it again Prebends. The marabouts? I think that Senegal does not exist anymore, because the last ones are left (Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh, Serigne Fallou, Serigne Saliou, Thierno Mouhamadou Saidou Ba etc.). So there is no need to count on them or those who proclaim themselves as such!

The most serious is that the Senegalese have reached the point where they are no longer outraged. He became a follower of indifference. We kidnap billions, he says nothing, if we leave him a few crumbs. It deprives honest citizens of freedom under false pretenses, it does not matter because it is the divine will. The President of the Republic distracts the powers of appointment conferred on him by the Constitution by appointing the members of his family, his clan, and being rude and incompetent. Even happiness is worth more than the license!). Outrage is important because it is a healthy response that, according to Stéphane Hessel, leads to commitment. Without commitment, our current conditions will not change! It is time to open our eyes and mobilize for justice, and in the shop Ousseynou Diop "Thiantacounes" and Assane Diouf said. No one among us is safe from these injustices. They can always happen to us or fall on someone near us. We therefore have an interest in revolting and mobilizing, so that the distribution of justice is just and timely. The distribution of justice should not be in terms of social status and / or financial or political power. It is also not unacceptable the powers entrusted to you by the people to settle personal accounts. Is not this the first sign of incompetence?

Ibrahima Sadikh NDour

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