Sunday , June 20 2021

Bodybuilding, Boxing, Jogging: Modo Lo is released to Spain

Modo Luo knows what awaits him with Bala Guy. That's why he is not joking with training. The stone pierces his head as mad in Spain, where he prepares his battle with the former king of the arena.
In Barcelona, ​​Parcelles Assainies's parents place more on land work. And he is busy as a handsome devil. Modo La is changing his daily session. But it takes into account the Spanish climate.

"We are doing bodybuilding, boxing and jogging on the beach," he said. "If you do bodybuilding, you need to do the bottom of the beach." "But our training depends on Barcelona's climate." Rock Energy's leader is sleeping well. training, but also well recovering with precise sleeping hours, "says a source close to the Sung Lamb.

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