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BIGNONA – Bus shutdown: 5 dead and more than 60 injured

It is a great tragedy that people from the Ziguinchor region suffered this Saturday after a severe accident near Badioure in Bignona that left four people dead and 67 injured, more than thirty in critical condition.

The drama took place this Saturday around 9pm on Rn4, more precisely at the village of Badiure, Tengori municipality, ward in Binjona. It is a 70-seat bus from Ziguinchor Bus Station and departs for the Senegalese capital, which departs in the distance. And, in light of the circumstances of this tragedy, witnesses made a case of the will of the bus driver, who drove over two vehicles traveling in the same direction. An option that proved to be unsuccessful for the second to lose control of his vehicle. And that would make a crazy escape a few feet into the bush before a violent tree hits, our sources suggest. On the other hand, what is currently proven is that the accident caused 5 deaths, including two on the spot, the other two hours after their evacuation to health facilities and the last on Saturday night from Sunday to Sunday. They are two men, El Haj Malik Sane and Dauda Badji, of Sindian, a girl from Dienaba Dime, originally from Talum, another 10-year-old boy and his father.
In addition, more than 60 injuries were reported, including about 30 in critical condition. Injured people who were first evacuated and first admitted to Binjona Health Center before being sent to the Ziguinchor Regional Hospital and Peace Hospital. In addition to the firefighters, the Arma, the health facilities, as well as the vehicles of the Office are also included to facilitate and evacuate the injured. Like the doctors, pharmacists and other health authorities who were mobilized for the circumstances this weekend to provide intensive care to the many injured in the accident, a drama that ended up shocking more than one in the south of the country.

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