Saturday , January 16 2021

Baromtre CPR Asset Management-Deloitte: What Investors and Councilors Look for Responsible Investment in 2019?

The IR and the French savers in some figures:

  • 67% of depositors have already heard about IR.
  • For 56% of depositors, environmental protection is one of the priority topics.
  • 57% want the issues of sustainable development to be included in the savings products.
  • 66% believe that infrared products are likely to increase their confidence in managing their savings, but only 21% today say they have invested in IR products.
  • Only 12% were offered an IR product from their financial advisor.
  • 61% of depositors would like to invest more in IR funds by developing labels. They also 34% believe that the main obstacle is the lack of information, finding it shared by almost one in two financial advisers.

IR, a sense of responsibility for responsible savings

Development prospects promise that 86% of management companies are already expecting the creation of new products in the next two years, including one third dedicated to MR. Faced with this enthusiasm, individuals are becoming sensitive to investments that meet environmental and social criteria. In fact, concerns about environmental protection are unanimously shared. The French Federation's aspirations on these major issues of importance include 54% of the respondents who give a significant place on the environmental and social impact of their savings. In this respect, respect and protection of the environment are among their investment priorities (56%). Outside, the study highlights the dominance of the main topics
social factors that look decisive in the austerity response: the fight against global warming, health, respect for human rights, employment, workplace well-being, or poverty … For more than half of investors, these issues are emerging as triggers in investment decisions . 66% believe that the IR can strengthen their confidence in managing their savings. This trend is supported by more than half of savers who would like to see commitments to sustainability in savings products. A true plebiscite that invites optimism.

Lack of libel jewelry development of IR
Despite this clear adhesion of French IR depositors, the study gives a paradox, with conversions struggling to develop. A justified situation on the one hand, by the market with
multiple approaches and jargon abstracts can hardly be identified with depositors (exception, best in class …) and, above all, with a clear lack of information (38% of the accident). This lack of readability weighs heavily on the development of responsible financial products. The same study highlights the lack of advice and suggestions that come directly from financial intermediaries. Of the 55% of savers who rely on a consultant, only 12% were offered a responsible product. At the same time, 41% of the same counselors admit they offer only to customers who are looking for this topic. However, if these trends qualify for more spicy private banks and the strength of the proposals on these topics, the study clearly shows that the population of savvy uninformed and financial advisers are still too cautious. This finding is confirmed, in fact, with only 21% of respondents who say they have IR funds in their portfolio.

Advisors, key players in IR development
In large percentage, 61% and 64%, respectively, savers and advisors consider the labels as a guarantee of trust. A situation that can be enhanced, especially under the incentive to develop a single European label. But the labels as confidence and safety certificates alone could not remove the brakes of the conversion process by saving infrared rays. Convincing counselors who finally standardized the information at their destination (now 45% required to do so), along with dedicated educational tools, need to speed up and transform the proven confidence of French savers in an investment act. To confirm in the next barometer of AM-Deloitte CPR.

"Responsible investment is undoubtedly a structural low line that will materialize by integrating the ESG factors and impact data across all investment processes," said Arno Feller, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Corporate Social Responsibility. CPR AM investment.

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