Monday , September 20 2021

Ayey Zee presented his COVID 19 playlist with Drake, Beyonce, Lil Wayne …

Ayey Zee presented his playlist for the end of the year. Includes 40 titles that marked 2020 according to the artist who celebrated his 51st year …

Celebrity playlists are always an eagerly awaited event. Like Barack Obama revealing a compilation of his favorite songs every summer, and Aye Zee dedicates himself to the same exercise as every year at the same time. The interpreter ofHard life hit hard gave it a name adapted to the context because it is called: Vision for 2020 KOVID 19. This playlist includes 40 songs, including interplanetary hits, but also several underground tracks. However, they all have one thing in common: they punctured the life of the Carter family. during the last 12 months. The rapper, who celebrated his 51st birthday this Friday, December 4, decided to illustrate this music collection with a cover in honor of US Open champion Naomi Osaka, wearing a mask in honor of George George Floyd, another event that unfortunately it will mark 2020.


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Drake especially in the spotlight

Among ayei’s favorites, we find Drake who made 4 appearances in 40 songs, with Laugh now and cry later in collaboration with Lil Durk, Freestyle in Chicago with Givon, POP STAR where he is accompanied by Dj Khaled and BB King freestyle where this latest plugin with his mentor, Lil Wayne. As a good husband, Hova also knows how to highlight his wife Beyonce, who can be found on 2 paths: Black parade and Savage remix with Megan Ti Stallion. With Spicy and Car # 85, his former rival Nas is also present on 2 occasions. The title Franchise by Travis Scott, Young Thug and MIA are also called in there. Hundreds of other artists are also present, such as The Weeknd (Snowman), Pop smoke (Christopher walking), 2 Chainz (South side Howe) or Big Sean (Deep respect) In total, more than 2 hours 30 music carefully selected by the New York rapper. Playlist available on Tidal – music streaming platform created by Aye Zee in 2014 – but also on competing applications …

Jay-Z – Vision 2020 KOVID 19 :

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