Wednesday , July 28 2021

Attacks on Aliu Sal: Gediaway’s April captives show “resentment”

The Department of Women’s Coordination in April at Godiaway wanted to mark its ownresentment“Before what he describes as”cable that can not thrive, orchestrated by several individuals who claim that APR communal coordinators in Goodway

Insignificant small group …

The declining coordinators, unfortunately, differed in a laconic statement condemning the alleged lonely approach of the department coordinator, Mr. Aliu Sal. We remind this insignificant group that the commitment of Mayor Ali Sal in the department, his presence and his support with the population and the militants, of which they themselves, go in all proportions, above the expected expectations.“It is reminiscent of the departmental coordination of Goodwill RC women.”

APR Goodway, “example”

APR Guediawaye has always been an example in the party and nothing and no one can take this credit away from the coordinator. Their mission, stillborn, to undermine the unitary dynamics of our party and the presidential coalition will not pass before the determination of the activists made around the department coordinator, for the triumph of the vision of the president, McKay Sal, whose only concern is the appearance of our dear country Senegal“Add Gediaway’s women aperitifs to the statement reached to Senego.


„Л.that women’s co-ordination department remains united behind Mayor Aliu Sal“They also warn.”anyone who stands in the way of our success and the leadership of our department manager will face us. Together behind President McKay Sal to address the challenges of emergence“, He specifies.

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