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Apple has introduced the peaks and trends in 2020 on the App Store

As usual, Apple revealed the tops and trends of the App Store in 2020. Logically, the results differ from previous years and reflect the special period we are going through.

The best apps according to Apple

Typically, the applications included in the Apple brand ranking are mixed into social platforms, games and wellness services. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, turned our lifestyles upside down, and people flocked to their devices more than ever for all sorts of tasks. Therefore, the iPhone app of the year is Wakeout !, allowing you to perform relaxation routines to help you sleep better.

In the same category

The Slek logo, a collaboration platform for communication.

The sales force announces a weak acquisition

Surprisingly, the best iPad app of 2020 is Zoom, a video conferencing service whose revenue has quadrupled in two consecutive quarters this year. On the Mac side, there is Fantastical, an organizer that lets you plan your schedule in a simple and intuitive way. On the Apple Watch, Endel, which uses a noise algorithm to help you be more productive and focused, wins the award.

Finally, Apple decided to award the best Apple TV app of the year to… Disney +! Instead of fair play, when you know he is a direct rival to Apple TV +.

For this year’s App Trends, check out Apple’s rankings:

  • Saint to help users take care of themselves
  • Explain everything that is on the board for providing virtual classrooms
  • The Caribbean to connect families with loved ones
  • Pokémon Go to re-invent the way of playing
  • ShareTheMeal to allow users to distinguish the difference

The most popular applications

The Cupertino company also revealed which games and applications were the most popular in its store. Not surprisingly, the game between us and the video conferencing service for zooming dominate the rankings. Here it is in full:

Most Popular Free iPhone Apps:

1. Zoom
2. TickTock
3. Disney Plus
4. YouTube
5. Instagram
6. Facebook
7. Snapchat
8. Messenger
9. Gmail
10. Cash application

Top paid iPhone apps:

1. TouchRetouch
2. Recreate a pocket
3. Dark sky time
4. Facetun
5. Hot schedules
6. Automatic sleep Sleep monitoring
7. Wonder Week
8. SkyView
9. Shadow
10. Guide to heaven

Most Popular Free iPhone Games:

1. Between us
2. Call of Duty: Mobile
3. Roblox
4. Surfers in the subway
5. Ink Inc.
6. Magic Tiles 3: Play the piano
7. Brain test: Tricky puzzles
8. Separate the brain
9. Master of coins
10. Surfer Cube

Most Popular Paid iPhone Games:

1. Minecraft
2. Plague Inc.
3. Heads up
4. Monopoly
5. Bloons TD6
6. Dash geometry
7. NBA 2K20
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
9. The game of life
10. A real skate

Most Popular Free iPad Apps:

1. Zoom
2. Disney Plus
3. YouTube
4. Netflix
5. Google Chrome
6. TickTock
7. Amazon Prime Video
8. Gmail
9. Hulu
10. Google Classroom

Top paid iPad apps:

1. Recreate
2. Good notes 5
3. Noticeability
4. Screen for duets
5. Learn your monster
6. LumaFusion
7. Affinity Designer
8. Hair salon Toka 3
9: Toka Life: Hospital
10. Kitchen Toka 2

Most popular free games on iPad:

1. Between us
2. Roblox
3. Magic Tiles 3: Play the piano
4. Ink Inc.
5. Call of Duty: Mobile
6. Surfers in the subway
7. Dancing Path: Sent a colored ball
8. Tile hop: EDM Rush
9. Mario Kart Tour
10. Save the girl

Most popular paid games on iPad:

1. Minecraft
2. Monopoly
3. Bloons TD 6
4. Plague Inc.
5. Dash geometry
6. The game of life
7. Five nights at Freddie
8. Man: Falls flat
9. Stardow Valley
10. Terrarium

Top Arcade Games:

1. Insidious Sasquatch
2. Hot lava
3. Skate City
4. Sonic Racing
5. Pack-Man Party Royal
6. SpongeBob: Patty’s Execution
7. Oceanrog 2
8. Castle Cross Road
9. Which golf?
10. Lego Fights

« This year, more than ever, some of our most creative and connected moments in applications have happened. This was made possible thanks to the outstanding work of developers who brought new and useful experiences in applications throughout the year. All over the world, we have seen tremendous efforts from so many developers, and these 2020 Best of Winners are 15 outstanding examples of this innovation. Whether it helps us stay fit and responsible, keep our children’s education on track, or help fight hunger, their impact has been significant to many of us. Said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing.

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