Wednesday , October 27 2021

Appearance of a mysterious disease: PSYCHOSIS IN TIARO


– From 82, the number of cases increases to 200 in 48 hours
– Affected fishermen quarantined

From 82 cases reported on Tuesday, the number of people affected by the “mysterious” disease in Tiaroje Sur Mer rose to more than 200. Visiting the site yesterday, the governor of the Dakar region informed that the crisis committee has been formed to care for the sick, but also to search for the origin of this disease in order to treat it.

The “mysterious” disease reported in Thiaroe sur Mer is on the rise. According to the governor of the Dakar region, who was on the spot yesterday after the visit of the Minister of Health and Social Action the day before, from 82 reported cases, in 48 hours we increased to more than 200. This dermatological type of disease is manifested by pimples on the face , lips and private parts and especially affects fishermen.
Faced with the scale of the situation, al-Hassan Sal said in a video by Seneveb that things must be taken seriously at the regional and even national levels. Thus, he informed, a crisis committee will be formed. This, adds the Dakar governor, “will rely on the cells, including equipment made up of a team of doctors, but also players in fishing, safety and the environment,” so that the sick will be taken away. responsible.
In the same vein, he said, “samples will be taken to know the origin of the disease and how to treat it.” Also, according to Mr. Sal, it will be to take samples to see if the seawater is really polluted or not. These, he informed, “have already been made and the results are expected soon.”
Facing the press, Al Hassan Hassan Sal also returned to the arrangements made to help the victims of this disease. According to him, a social commission was formed and the women’s center in this locality was chosen as a place to move in order to take care of some of the infected people. As for the fishermen, they are required not to go to sea at the moment, while the situation is under control.
According to testimonies, Tiaroje Sur Mer is not the only site in the country affected by this disease. In this regard, the governor of the Dakar region emphasizes that, based on the list, we note that most of the victims of this disease do not live in Dakar. According to him, some come from St. Louis, Fass Boye, Diogo, Mbur. Adding that the cases have been reported in places like aloal, Al Hasaneh Sal clarified that for now “we can not confirm that”. “We have to work with the local authorities concerned.” “But regarding Dakar, all measures are being taken to help the people affected,” he said.

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