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André Villas-Boas met fin au mercato de l'OM

There was a sign contradicting the Marseille Olympics here, the tactic used was probably conscientious that all of the pain was on the plane. And the results of the affirmation, including two championship matches, the club's focus not at a pivot point, and of course, at a fair price to scare the strikers! The Lusitanien was fortunate enough to be assisted by the club's son, who would attend no refunds, at any rate. Dance at the same tempo, with more than one of these juniors, Luiz Gustavo on the list, no pointers at all.

Fortunately, as the press conference was organized, the face-off match against Nice merry-go-round, André Villas-Boas cruised across the mercato questions, to be delivered by the Brazilian side. «Rouen de nouveau in the dossier, the one I chose chose the mercato so ouvert quand as the saison, the rest of the doutes. Luiz is a bon joueur and he is a professional, having no pre-disposed affect for the match, on a regular basis, on a problem-free basis », a-t-il confié.

"On the back of hell"

Mais surtout, et quisque quisque tempus, quod non sequente de nouvelles arrive: "Come on in the afternoon after the dance is going on." On a later date, all I have is a transmission. You're not sure how much money or otherwise, you know that McCourt is just going to win, with those conditions. Pour acheter on doit domestic, what a situation difficile, but on jamais cherché d'excuse. Il n a y a pas de de recruits, pas d'options, on ne cherche rien, on a d'argent, donc on doit local. Sauf pour les prêts évidemment ».

The same is true of a petite fan trainer specifying that arrivals are available, in Portugal a très clair: ace recruited to attend a prochain event, the date of the final flight in France. If you want to see Juan Miranda's version tumble down to the water, there are some revisions to the media as potential Marseille referees, like Diego Laxalt, who is the final runner-up in Serie A and a signer in the league. 'Atalanta. The Rongier piste is about to donate a couple of dans a l'ile, for the instant. Voilà des declaración para untuk marseilla supporters …

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