Wednesday , January 20 2021

Ajax: The Amsterdam Arena Juventus and Ronaldo! Summary of the competition

23:30 – Which opponent for Ajax?

The answer is tomorrow, but it will be the winner of the Manchester City – Tottenham match. Whatever happens, it will be an exciting new game and you will need a new venture for Ajax.

23:21 – Summary of the match

What can be said about the performance of Ajax in Amsterdam was monstrous? At the tough Juventus stadium that has been boiling since the start of the match, the Dutch have made new progress in this Champions League. However, the Italians perfectly started the meeting with a lot of pressure and an imperial medium. But despite the good recovery of Dybala at the entrance to the surface, Juve was still struggling to get real opportunities. But, as always, as he did nothing so far, Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving his box and delivering his team. Along the corner, the Portuguese cleared the sign with ease and a deceptive point blank Onana. While we had the impression that Juve made the most difficult, Ajax, as in the first game, quickly returned to the sign. On the edge of the offside, Van de Bick renewed the ball at the entrance to the surface and won his duel against Szczecin to fully revive this quarterfinals return. In the second half, the teammates of Bleue Mttuidi suffered and had to thank only one person: Shchebni. Indeed, the former Armanal donor made some extraordinary money to preserve this result and a possible extension. But with the deviation, the Italians cracked! At the corner, Captain De Ligt slammed a splendid header in the middle of two defenders to defeat Juventus. Without a solution, Juventus could not restore the situation late in the game and allow a qualifying pass. Ajax Amsterdam will play the semifinals of the Champions League and is fully deserved on all two matches!

23:10 – Ajax in history

With the qualifications for the Champions League semifinals, Ajax entered the history of the match. In fact, this is the first team to reach the last four after playing the three preliminary rounds.

23:04 – Ronaldo's goal was not enough

If Juventus did not pass, Cristiano Ronaldo was still decisive in opening the result and marked his 126th goal in the Champions League. Unfortunately for the Portuguese, this is not enough and he will not raise the trophy with Juventus in Turin.

23:00 – An incredible feat!

It's a monumental performance that Ajax just scored. After Real, it's Juve, who falls ahead of this incredible football offered by the Dutchman. Qualification is well-deserved.

22:55 – ⏰ END OF THE GAME! Enough!

Monumental exploitation of Ajax Amsterdam who won in Turin and who goes to the Champions League semi-finals. Thanks to the second extra time and goal from De Ligt to the corner, the Dutch won 2-1.

22:52 – There is no punishment

Kliment Turpin's first decision is confirmed, no punishment. There will always be debate in the pictures, but the blind keep the hand of the body.

22:51 – Controversial situation on the surface

The blind man touches the ball with his hand in the box. This is not intentional, but video arbitration is required.

22:49 – Last modified on Ajax

And it's a veteran who is returning! Huntelaar will play the last minute and replace Ziech.

22:47 – Five more minutes

There are still five minutes in Juventus – Ajax and Torino have to score two goals to hope to reach the Champions League semi-finals.

22:45 – Extension to Sean

Another opportunity for Ajax! Schöne continues in the first intent, slightly from the outside of the foot inside the surface and not the frame. Juventus is close to elimination.

22:43 – Change for Ajax

SYNERGREEN has been replaced by Magalan in the last ten minutes of this Juventus – Ajax.

22:42 – Order refused to Ziyech!

Ziyech believed! To a new beautiful action, the attacker takes the right to the entrance to the surface and perfectly covers the ball. If he goes to a skylight, he has an offside.

22:40 – Against badly played by Ajax!

The Dutch may kill the meeting, but do not make the right choice. To new confusion, Ziyech was stolen from his teammate Neres as he was going to put on his left foot to roll his shot.

22:37 – The huge Miss Neres!

What a chance! The attacker is thrown in depth with a bubble bell and takes the skin quite oddly, probably disturbed by the return. Szczesny is doing well.

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