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After Real, Ajax also hides Juve! – Actusen

Infernal youth Ajax Amsterdam, who after defending the champion, eliminated (1-2) this Tuesday, in Torino, Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo (1-1). The candidates for the title now, the Dutch find the last squad in the Champions League and it is so deserved.

The "unstoppable player"As his coach Massimiliano Alegre appointed him before this fourth final return, he can not help him.When his favorite rival, Lionel Messi, stayed until Tuesday at twelve matches without reaching the same stage of the competition, Cristiano Ronaldo re-entered knockout match from the Champions League.

At the end of half an hour without flash, where the game is little spread, the "CR7" appears at one corner and enjoys capital oversight, which can not be forgiven at this level of competition by the defense of Ajax Amsterdam. Freed from all the achievements, the five-time Golden Ball has enough time to take the lead in reducing Miralem Pjanic's ball and deceiving Andre Onana (1-0, 28). There is only Judge Clement Turpin, who did not help the VAR, hesitates to see the blame of a Dutchman … another Dutchman! That time lost. Critical however for the dear lady of the Old Lady 126th goal in C1, and in particular, pronounced little, his 65th achievement in 79 playoff games for one who, unlike Messi, scored in each of his seven games Quarter-final ( total of 13 goals)!

The old lady physically explodes

Yes, but here, as it turns out, the youth of Amsterdam has an answer. And Turin defended his worries, too, with this unsuccessful rise in the second bubble, which left him in the back of the Donnie Van de Beak came to adjust Wojciech Szczesny on the pitch (1-1, 34). Juve once again failed to keep the result and is in the state pushing for overtime.

Already a sensation by itself, which seems to weaken these Bianconeri, who physically explode, suddenly on the brink of disruption to these two decisive salvages of Szczesny (52, 57), when they are not Blaise Mtuidi (52), then Pjanic (65) who save the furniture on their surface. Ajax feels his wings grow, with the flames, the bile and especially the talent of his new golden generation, who first mistakes the excess of altruism by Hakim Zeheh (65). But if Dusan Tadic was a champion qualifier in Santiago Bernabeu in the previous round, it is the end of the captain Matthias De Ligt to win the corner decision, where Alex Sandro and Daniel Rugani, his two bodyguards, are not enough for to prevent his desire to give priority to visitors (1-2, 67).

If Moyes Keen, in the midfielder Paolo Diballa injured in the halftime, came to support Ronaldo, indeed Ajax knows the break from David Nerez (74) before the offside deprived Ziyech a third great goal (79). Mr. Turpin has strong nerves not to play, quite unintentional Daily blind on her surface and a punishment that the whole stadium claimed (90th). The first team in history to climb this stage after having played three preliminary rounds, the gang of children, after killing Real Madrid, the triple defender of the defense, has been confirmed more than ever as a candidate for the supreme title before they find the last squad (*), where Eric Ten Hague players are waiting with serenity the winner of an English clash between Manchester City and Tottenham (go 0-1). There, Johan Cruyff must be happy!

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