Thursday , August 13 2020

African ballad to la FIAC

Launched in Africa at the Foyer Internationale d 'Contemporain (FIAC), which expands to Paris with major quelques and continental nuveaux venus aussi.

By Maryline Baumard Public aujourd'hui at 20h39

Temps de Lecture 2 min.

Bienvenue à… Lagos sur FIAC. L'Afrique which is imaginable, inventive and creative, is not the only place to find the most incontinentable and static art of the Contemporain in Paris, which is the Foire International d'Art Contemporain, but also in prime , c'est elle qui accueille le visiteur au Grand Palais.

Emeka Ogboh, FIAC 2019
Emeka Ogboh, FIAC 2019 Maryline Baumard

Trois next to the central hub and the amusement of luminescents and inclusives face to face with an intriguing vitiligo of Lagos Cathedral. La pièce original? Vous in a bunch of stuff after! Emeka Ogboh is passed by and metamorphosed into a triptych of photos, light, transparency and heat. I just went for the Nigerian de raconter as far as Lagos tentacles, as far as museums. Join the spectator to get the most out of your sound and color, as you only have to «The perfumes, the couples and the sons of the respondent».

Bières d'Emeka Ogboh, FIAC 2019
Bières d'Emeka Ogboh, FIAC 2019 Maryline Baumard

Pour ceux qui auraient oublié le travail d'Emeka Ogboh, the only thing that has ever been migrated is retransmitting the odeurs and the savers of all natures, which recruits the universal sonic aussi. The Grand Palace, like these boutiques, ranks on a very large face with clichés on Lagos clusters, for a parody of photo standards and publicity codes. A clair-obsessed show featuring conservationist Imane Farès, a gallery of parisenne sénégalaise that is publicly owned by the Grand Palais. A second jour de la FIAC sets this souvenir of the ravie de l'internet for this artist artist, aussi hors normes son natal nigeria, qu'elle expose depuis 2 ans.

Ouattara Watts, 2019 FIAC
Ouattara Watts, FIAC 2019 Maryline Baumard

As Emeka Ogboh accueille l'amateur dart, Ouattara Watts, lui, we revèle qu'à celui qui s'aventure jusqu'aux hall premiere estage. Là, Ivoire is one of three quartiers on the stand of Cecil Fakhoury, solo and majestic. Elle qui, implanted in Abidjan and Dakar, just outside a space in Paris, «To donate one or more large visibles to the continental charts» is also available for the premiere of FIAC. Inspired by proponents of orchestral cultures, Ouattara Watts' gigantic ballads do not fit the spectator to another lecture level, balancing between the details of the mask and the tone of the two; in recompositions to three urban savers.

Romuald Hazoumè, FIAC 2019
Romuald Hazoumè, FIAC 2019 Maryline Baumard

Les masks are not overly expensive, they are not remotely revised or recommended; car on n'est pas au Quai Branly! What a great public viewing place at the Magnin Gallery stand that expands from Benoit de Porto Novo to Romuald Hazoumé in this classic Cherry Samba. The dialogue between these two voices of the continent, a Beninos and a Congolais, raged a petit morceau of those two days that rallyed in the concept of Afrique de depit années-lumière qui les separent.

Totem 2019, Pascale Marthine Tayou
Totem 2019, Pascale Marthine Tayou Maryline Baumard

This recipe is from Africa, Galleria Continua le joue aussi, presented on son stand, by Pascale Marthine Tayou. Installed majestically with a bunch of crystal translucent totems, baptized Totem 2 019, l'artiste camerounais, désormais présent de nombreuses grandes collections, montrait là quí a fini de raconter l'essence de son Continent de naissance. Comme l'Afrique, ele-mime qui prouve with cette FIAC son immense force créatrice. Mouvante, fascinante et de plus en plus omniprésente.

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