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a way of defining the Senegalese life "

29/09/2019 at 14:39

Mustache Diakhate is mounted on a crown to discharge «Sen petit galé». Visible by this accusation of Diarra under the auspices of American rapper Tyga, the representative of the Benno Bokk Yakaar (Bby) Parliamentary Group is in a state of complete disarray, qualifying for such emission. how to deconstruct the life …«

In extenso, post the Mustafa Diakhate on the Facebook page

Sen Petit gallée: a way of criminifying the Senegalese youth

This emission is an insult to Senegal, a great method of determining the futures generations.

Comme le disait si fall Me Abdoulaye Wade: «dis-moi quelle jeunesse tu as, you dirai quel peuple tu seras.»

Pursuant to the Senegalese anti-dumping laws and the promotion of depravation to propagate this issue, Cnra is interpellated.

Avoid the principle of incoming aux parents when they manifest manifestly to all participating broadcasters.

Merci to Pape Sadio drew attention not to the danger of Sen Petit Galle Gallé in the Senegalese june.

Vive la République!
Vive le Sénégal!

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