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6 Tianjakuni, near Sochna Ada Diallo, arrested …

We already felt the tension, we were lying fast, the day after the Sheikh Betiu Tiyun's remembrance of God. But between Serine Saliu Tiyun, an intuitive Caliph of Tianjakuni after his father's remembrance of God in Paris, and Sohna Aida Diallo, one of the deceased's wives who some Taliban designated as leader, the unit was not from the façade.

In evidence, the worst was narrowly avoided a few days ago at Mboro Beach, where Sheikh Bettio Tijun built a beautiful residence.
According to Liberalization reports, a few days ago, Serine Saliu Tijun visited the scene as part of a tour begun in the homes of his late father.

But in Mboro, a new scene emerged: Tianjakuni responsible for "managing" the house began to dispute his authority, shouting that they only recognized Sohna Aida. They will all be transported from the scene shortly before Serine Saliu Tijun appoints one of his confidential people to oversee the house.

But two days later, the same group returned to, he said, recovering a cane belonging to the late Tianjakuni guide.

Serinjee's Saliu Tiyun, a certain Mandyay, is opposed to their entry into the house. He will be beaten to the blood with serious injuries resulting in inability to work for several days.

The case finally landed on Tis's floor. And, on Tuesday, six "Tianjakuni", near Sohna Ada Diallo, including at least "Gododrin", were selected from Mboro's gendarmerie, on orders to prosecute Thies, on charges of assault and battery. Today they will be presented to the public prosecutor's representative.

Despite the performances, the tension is strong between the two camps. There have also been a series of recent incidents in Mumbai.
Case to follow …

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