Friday , January 22 2021

20 minutes – Netflix is ​​full of subscribers

The American online video service Netflix, subject to increased competition, received in the first quarter nearly 10 million new subscribers, but has its own predictions. Now there are more than 148 million subscribers around the world.

While the leader of the sector, he will face for months, especially with Apple, but especially with Mastodon Disney, who will launch the platform – cheaper than Netflix – blockbuster load in November in the United States.

Netflix said on Tuesday that their arrival should not have significant effects on its growth, as the streaming market is huge and their catalogs will be different.


Netflix had at the end of March exactly 148.86 million paying subscribers in the world, slightly more than their own expectations. Of the additional 9.6 million subscribers, 1.74 million were in the United States and 7.86 in the rest of the world.

It also posted a net profit of 344 million dollars (346.5 million francs), an increase of 18.6%. Report per share – a reference in North America – profits came out 76 cents.

The forecast for earnings per share for the second quarter (55 cents) is below the expectations of analysts. The Netflix title also fell by 1.4% to 22:55 in an electronic exchange after closing Wall Street.

With $ 4.52 billion, sales are in line with market expectations. For the current quarter, Netflix provides 5 million additional subscribers, mostly acquired outside the United States. Netflix has just increased its prices. It must invest billions of dollars each year in its original content, the core of the war to attract consumers.


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