Saturday , October 16 2021

05 Photos – Revelations about the management of the maritime connection Dakar-Ziguinchor

So people are placed on the deck, on the ground and on the iron.
Watch as the doors of the rooms are ajar for people who paid their ticket properly!
Look at these photos, the situation is regrettable!
I'm talking about the ANAM with the Senegalese, with COSAMA and especially with the Ministry of Maritime Economics. These three units are the sole responsibility of the ship. I ask you to improve the conditions of travel for your boats that make the connection between Dakar and Ziguinchor.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to lie on the decks. Look at these photos. Does COSAMA recognize the danger this poses?
Then the fairing of the boat was moved several times. For whatever reasons? They say the disguise may take 10 days, but I'm convinced 10 days are not enough to measure this boat. In fact, there are several issues (bed sheets, curtains, blankets, toilets, earflaps, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, sinks, carpets, etc.).
Finally, you said that ASD will be replaced by Aguene and Diambone, but where is Diaphron? He collapsed with Grimaldi long before his shock. In addition, Grimaldi has well compensated you by compensating you, and since the boat is in Spain (at any moment you say that he is on the road, it is already months ago). Thanks, we have to help!
It is shameful to see people lying with their children on the boat of a ship.
I recommend that ANAM, COSAMA and their inspectors check the maintenance, rework the chillers, clean the condensers, evaporators, ducts, stands and work thoroughly to clean refrigerators, leaks … and especially the air ducts. Maintaining a good industrial air conditioning system requires patience, which is why I say it takes at least a month for this boat to do a good job.
I heard my friend Kane say that we spend millions, even billions, a year or a month. But he did not say what he deserved. I, Alioune Sarr, personally, I master the situation very well.
In any case, we can not say everything, but thanks to COSAMA I ask you to do everything possible to satisfy social demand. I stay with you and sign that it is not worth relying on ANAM and the Ministry of Maritime Economics. I urge the State of Senegal to honor its obligations at the COSAMA level with regard to the COUNCIL OF THE STATE. I know that COSAMA wants to do well, but after the disguise it is necessary to reorganize the functioning of the ferry terminal of New York Dakar. Every day Carabane's luggage goes on to Zinguinchor, which is not normal.
Not everything is bad, but there is much to do.
In any case, I take the state of Senegal as a witness and ask again, where is Diambone ?????? Where is Djilor ????
Thank you, you need a good reorganization of the work to ensure a good public service.
I Alioune Sarr, who speaks with you, I am a pure product of the Navy, when I passed by the Merchant Marine (ENFM), where I made the patron saint of fishing, to become later technician in refrigeration and air conditioning. So I am very well positioned to criticize and make my suggestions … I am the Coordinator of all the Lower Casamance Islands, I am from Carabane and I am very good at the connection from the boat OUWOLOF

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